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Bonjour Antique Typewriter Key Bracelet
"Bonjour" Antique Typewriter Key Bracelet

This bracelet features antique typewriter keys that spell out the phrase "Bon Voyage". All of these keys came from various typewriters so some creative license is taken in the spelling as only one of each letter is available. Included among the keys is a pretty cabachon with an Eiffel tower collage. As always, I've added some charms to fit the theme - an Eiffel tower, a handmade polymer clay rose, and a beaded "perfume bottle".

Q T Antique Typewriter Key Bracelet
"Cutie" Antique Typewriter Key Earrings

These lightweight, whimsical earrings feature authentic antique typewriter keys with ivory celluloid inserts and the letters "Q" & "T". I've dangled lovely filigree finishing with a dainty blush pink bead. The length is about 2 1/2" measured from the top of the Sterling Silver earwires to the bottom of the dangles.

Shift Key Antique Typewriter Key Ring
"Shift Key" Antique Typewriter Key Ring

This ring features the SHIFT KEY funtion key. Just one of the limited functions available on that era of writing equipment. The ring base is silver plated and oxidized filigree.

Que Antique Typewriter Key Earrings
"Que" Antique Typewriter Key Earrings

This pair of earrings features authentic vintage typewriter keys with some of the more rare punctuation keys; Opening and closing question marks. Every once in while I come across a Spanish, or German typewriter. These are definitely few and far between. Most of the keys are the same but I like to highlight special keys, like these, in a unique piece.

Snow White Antique Typewriter Key Bracelet
"Snow White" Antique Typewriter Key Bracelet

This bracelet is a two upcycled items in one. The tiny images of of the Disney Snow White story are from a "Little Little Golden Book". They are perfect in these antique typewriter keys which have become tiny little picture frames. Relive the story scene by scene, from it's tragic beginning to it's happily ever after.

Soar Antique Typewriter Key Necklace
"Soar" Antique Typewriter Key Necklace

One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar. - Helen Keller. This necklace features ivory colored keys from a portable typewriter. The numbers and characters were all above the letters. Hanging below the word "SOAR" is a beautiful bird in flight.