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Who is Gemma Designs?

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This is me, Misty Darrington. (2010)

I am a creative person. I see things that might be. I think of other ways of doing things; the "what ifs". During different periods in my life, one thing or another would be my hobby, my creative outlet. Since I started designing jewelry in 2005, I feel that I found my niche. I'm a fanatic about beads, specifically artisan crafted lampwork glass beads. I am also intrigued by making jewelry out of found things, mainly antique typewriter keys but so much more than that; game pieces, ephemera, hardware, you name it.

My background is in Drafting and Design. My degree is from The Art Institute of Seattle in Interior Design. I worked as a drafter for a few years in Western Washington then was relocated to Southern Idaho in 2000 when I got married. The market for computer drafters is not very female-friendly in these parts so I turned my creative side into an enterprise.

In 2005 beading took hold. I'd done the occasional beady project but for some reason at that time it took over and all my other creative outlets have taken the farthest back seat. My scrap booking, crocheting and sewing machine have never been more lonely!

Until then, and after I'm sure, I am a huge fan of lampwork beads and love to use them as the focal and catalyst of my designs. I love that each one is a unique tiny work of art. I treat them as small works of art, framing each one in a one of a kind design.

I dabble in all sorts of things. I particularly love to create new things with found objects. Especially making jewelry with unusual objects such as dominoes, buttons, and especially typewriter.

I hope you enjoy my creations!