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Jordan Custom Order

Shown here is one of my most recent custom orders. The keys came from two different typewriters. The criteria was aged and ivory background. The keys spelling the word "Jordan" are from a compact Corona typewriter. Each key had three functions; lower case, upper case and figures. The yellowing material is celluloid. These keys have yellowed over time. With improper storaged, I have seen similar keys with cracked and peeling finishes from exposure to sun and/or heat. I've also seen this type of material highly domed due to exceeding moisture exposure. The other keys on this bracelet are from a standard typewriter, most likely an Underwood. Both typewriters date between 1910-1930.

The Compact Corona

Folding Corona Advertisement

Compact? For that time, yes.

The "Folding Corona" is an interesting typewriter. As I mentioned the keys served three purposes. There were only the 26 alphabet keys, a couple of additional punctuations and the "Fig" and "Cap" keys for the figure and capitals. What makes this a "compact" typewriter, in addition to it's stripped down "keyboard", is that the carriage folds over the keys for storage.

Corona Typewriter

As with most of the typewriters I use in my upcycled jewelry, I prefer to using damaged typewriters. Ones that are beyond restoration (which many are.) In most cases, I can clean keys and preserve them. However, the mechanisms of the machines I salvage are generally seized from exposure to dust and moisture.